Free Form Air FAST Epoxy Putty

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Quart Kit 1.6 lb
Gallon Kit 6.8 lb
Five Gallon Kit 34 lb



Free Form AIR FAST is an easy to use epoxy putty that cures in minutes to a hard, strong and extremely lightweight plastic. Parts A and B are dispensed in equal amounts and mixed by hand. Used at room temperature, working time is 6 minutes in a 60 gram mass (2 oz) and handling time is 30 minutes (tack-free, hard surface). Epoxy putty is easy to color with UVO color pigments. You can smooth, texture, sculpt, or stamp while epoxy putty is in its "green" state. Cured epoxy is lightweight enough to float in water and can be easily carved, sanded, tooled and painted for finishing. It is compatible with original Free Form AIR, Free Form AIR HT and Free Form AIR Fire Safe.
Applications: Free Form AIR FAST is used for fast "rough shaping" projects, filling in voids and repair applications. Epoxy will bond to a variety of plastics (urethane, PVC, etc.) metals, wood, EPS foam, paper, ceramics, plaster, etc. It can be used for a variety of fast repair applications including marine repairs; it will cure under water. Epoxy Tooling - use as a filleting material or for jig/fixture construction. Laminating - Free Form AIR FAST putty in between layers of EpoxAmite Laminating Epoxy and fiberglass cloth, carbon or other fiber for making lightweight composite parts.
Technical Properties
Mix Ratio by Volume 1A:1B
Pot Life Thickness Dependent
Cure Time 24 hours
Color Grey
Shore Hardness 60D
Mixed Viscosity Dough
Specific Volume 61.6 cu. in./lb.
Specific Gravity 0.45g/cc
Heat Deflection Temp 145¼F


  • Free Form AIR FAST generates a significant exotherm (heat) when mixed. Mix and apply only in small amounts (ping-pong ball size) at a time until you get to know the limitations and how it behaves.
  • If mixing too much, this material will get very hot, expand due to the low density and it will smoke.
  • When smoothing this product in its "green" state, we suggest using isopropyl alcohol. Water is not as effective because the material is so fast.
  • You can sculpt and stamp the material; you just need to move quickly.
  • Cured free Form AIR FAST is harder and stronger than the original Free Form AIR.
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802483 - Free Form Air FAST Epoxy Putty - Five Gallon Kit

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