Fleet Street Pegworks Tooth Palette 2

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Fleet Street Pegworks Tooth Lacquer 2 is a temporary color palette that is safe and effective for use on teeth, as well as most veneers and crowns. This product is very safe and easy to use: simply part the lips and keep them away from the teeth, use a tissue to thoroughly dry the teeth and surrounding area, apply the Fleet Street Pegworks tooth lacquers the same way you would apply any other Illustrator Palette (activate with 99% alcohol, Illustrator Activator or Slow Activator) product and allow to completely dry. Run a wet tongue over the lips to help guide them back over the application. Product can be removed by brushing teeth with toothpaste. Liquid tooth stains can be applied directly with an applicator brush for sanitary safety, and are removed in the same manor with tooth paste.
This collection of colors consists of the following:
  • Bloody
  • Dirt
  • Zombified
  • Aged Blood
  • Goblin Green

Select image for color palette.
All Skin Illustrator palettes must be activated with Skin Illustrator Slow Activator, Skin Illustrator Activator or 99% alcohol. Do not use anything else. Removal is easy with Telesis Super Solv or Telesis Makeup Remover.

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