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EZ~Spray¨ Jr. Spray Gun - The EZ~Spray¨ Jr. is a versatile, convenient and easy-to-use spray system for spraying moldmaking and casting materials.
The EZ~Spray¨ Jr. Gun comes with 1 SMALL tip assembly and 1 LARGE tip assembly.
The following accessories are available for the EZ~Spray¨ Jr. spray system.
EZ~Spray¨ Jr LARGE Static Mixers (includes Spray Tip)Static mixers for EZ-Spray Silicone 20 and EZ-Spray Silicone 35.
EZ~Spray¨ Jr SMALL Static Mixers (includes Spray Tip)Static mixers for EZ~Spray¨ STYROCOAT, EZ~Spray¨ Foam, and EZ~Spray¨ 45 Urethane Rubber.
>EZ~Spray¨ Jr. Large Static Mixer AdapterThis adapter is REQUIRED to use the large static mixers for RED COLORED EZ~Spray¨ Jr. Gun systems.

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