duoMatrix NEO Retarder

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Slowing NEO With Matrix Retarder - You can extend the working time of NEO by adding a very small amount of "Matrix Retarder" to the mix.
duoMatrixtm NEO is a versatile polymer modified gypsum system that has superior physical and performance properties compared to regular gypsum products. Part A is a powder and Part B is a liquid.

duoMatrix NEO is easy to use and can be cast solid, laid up by hand with chopped fiber or sprayed. Fully cured pieces can be painted, sanded, machined and polished. duoMatrix NEO can be used to make lightweight pieces that are very strong and water-resistant.

NEO is also certified flame resistant by Underwriter Laboratories and has received a flame rating of UL-94V-O.

Applications include making architectural elements, reproducing sculpture and creating theme effects. Vibrant colors are possible by adding pigments. Metal powders (bronze, pewter, brass, etc.) can be added to give the look of real metal castings at a fraction of the cost. You can duplicate the look of marble or ceramic by adding inexpensive fillers.

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