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Drystone is a fast-setting gypsum cement that provides strong, durable casts without the need for dryers, when mixed at the recommended use consistency. It also provides an environmentally-sound alternative to resin-based products and casts with reduced breakage compared to conventional plaster and gypsum cement products.

  • No drying required - cast, paint, package, and ship in one day.
  • Excellent duplication of fine detail.
  • Can be painted or decorated within 2-4 hours of demolding.
  • Highest compressive strength of any gypsum product offered.
  • Highest early "green strength" of any gypsum product offered.
  • Excellent alternative to polyester resin.
  • Use for solid cast pieces.

Technical Properties:
  • Use Consistency (18-20 parts of water by weight per 100 parts plaster)
  • Dry Compressive Strength (oven-dried) 16,000 psi
  • Dry Compressive Strength (two day ambient) 10,000 psi
  • Maximum Setting Expansion 0.275%
  • Density Wet 130.0 lb/ft3
  • Density Dry 128.0 lb/ft3
  • Working Time (After Mix) 5 - 10 min.
  • Demold Time (After Set) 15 - 25 min.

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