Diamond Disc 7/8"d x 0.02" Edge Plated

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1/32 thick, 1/8 arbor hole, 120 grit, plated on both sides.

Mandrel required but not included.

20,000 RPM Max Speed.

Recommended for use with A-M2 or A-M20 mandrel.

Using Coolant with Diamond & Ruby AccessoriesWhen drilling or grinding stone, glass, and ceramics with diamond points you must use a coolant, such as water.
Use Foredom Oil MS10005 when working with metals.

Coolant performs these important functions:
1. It keeps the diamond abrasive particles cool so they don't heat up and melt the nickel plating or binder which holds them on the accessory.
2. It keeps the workpiece cool so that it does not fracture from the heat.
3. It helps to turn the dust into a safe slurry that cannot be inhaled.

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