Colortrix Pigment

SKU: 203753

Size: 40 ml
Color: Bronze Gold


Colortrix metallic pigment powders can be added directly to Powertex Medium Transparent to create custom tints. Mix pigments separately into a small amount of water before stirring into Powertex. To use as a "color glaze", dip a clean brush into the water based Easy Varnish, then dip into pigment. Mix on plastic or metal palette until desired consistency is achieved. Apply to sculpture with brush, sponge etc. Remember that once applied as a top coat over a completed sculpture, the colour glaze must be further protected with Easy Varnish for outdoor use. Available colors: Silver, Clear Gold, Rich Gold, Bronze Gold, Copper, Power Pearl, Red Pearl. Specialty colors include Terra Violet and Terra Green. These colors add an iridescent, metallic look and are quite spectacular when used in conjunction with Stone Art.

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