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COLORIT-FX is a multi-use colorant which may be applied integrally or topically for sculptural, architectural, special effects and traditional art works. The colorant may be used with various gypsum & cement-based mixes, all of which require mix water or have a water-based liquid component. Size: 8oz bottle Color: COBALT BLUE Available while quantities last.
COLORIT-FX Downloadable Color ChartCOLORIT-FX Use of Retarders and AcceleratorsCOLORIT-FX Photo Gallery_1COLORIT-FX Photo Gallery_2COLORIT-FX Photo Gallery_3

Examples of Colorit-FX mix ratios when used INTEGRALLY with USG gypsums and Winterstone Ultra Mix
Measured in parts by volume ratio.

1 part USG Hydrocal White : 1 part Winterstone Ultra Mix
Ultra Mix provides a harder surface allowing for burnishability and use of concrete stains. Surfaces can be polished using brass and or stainless steel brushes for metallic finish.

2 parts USG Hydrocal White : 1 part Winterstone Ultra MixThe added use of USG gypsum will result in a richer color.

Colorit-FX TOPICAL uses:When using Colorit_FX colorants as a TOPICAL coating on porous surfaces such as Winterstone and USG gypsums the colorants may be diluted and thusly will soak into and penetrate the surface at which time they may be removed accordingly by brush or cloth for highlighting effects in crevices and on raised surface areas.

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