Clear Flex 95

SKU: 701060

Size: Quart Kit


Unit Size Net Weight
Quart Kit 2.5 lb
Gallon Kit 21.3 lb
Five Gallon Kit 106.5 lb
Drum Kit 650 lb



Clear Flex 95 is a water white clear urethane liquid rubber compound designed for applications that require absolute clarity and resistance to sunlight. Low viscosity ensures easy mixing and pouring. Clear Flex 95 cures at room temperature with negligible shrinkage. Cured castings are clear, flexible and UV Resistant. Vibrant colors and color effects are achieved by adding pigments.Applications include making clear-cut molds, model reproductions, decorative cast pieces, special effectsprototype parts.
Technical Properties
Mix Ratio by Weight 1A:1.5B
Mix Ratio by Volume N/A
Pot Life 25 minutes
Cure Time 16 hours
Color Clear
Shore Hardness 95A
Mixed Viscosity 250 cps
Shrinkage 0.0028 in./in.
Specific Volume 26.8 cu. in./lb.
Specific Gravity 1.04g/cc
Tensile Strength 2,500 psi
Elongation @ Break 175%
Die C Tear Strength 200 pli


CAUTION: NOT FOR HOME USE. THIS PRODUCT IS FOR INDUSTRIAL USE ONLY. Proper ventilation, A NIOSH Approved Respirator and Protective Clothing are required to minimize the risk of inhalation and dermal sensitization. If breathing is affected or a dermal rash develops, immediately cease using this product and seek medical attention. Read MSDS before using.
Post Curing Castings will cure faster and achieve maximum physical properties and heat resistance if Clear Flex 50 is post cured. Post curing is recommended if castings are thin or low mass concentration.Castings should be post cured in a mold or support structure.Post Cure Schedule: Allow the material to cure for 6 - 8 hours at room temperature followed by 16 hours at 150 - 160 F (65 - 72 C). Allow casting or part to cool to room temperature before demolding. For most applications, room temperature curing (70 F/ 22 C) for 24 - 48 hours is adequate. Castings will reach ultimate physical properties at room temperature in 5 - 7 days. Castings removed from mold before 12 hours may exhibit a tacky surface that can be eliminated by exposing casting to 150 F / 65 C for 4 - 6 hours. If you are pouring less than 1/4 in./.64 cm of material, the casting should be heat post cured.
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701070 - Clear Flex 95 - Gallon Kit
701080 - Clear Flex 95 - Five Gallon Kit
701090 - Clear Flex 95 - Drum Kit
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