Chavant Monu-Melt Clay

SKU: 800687

Hardness: Soft


Monu-Melt is a sulfur-free, non-hardening, tack-free, odor-free, and flexible clay formula that can be melted and applied to a CNC foam armature by brush. By popular demand this material has been introduced in a Dark Forest Green color. Monu-Melt will not oxidize and can be left out or heated and cooled repeatedly without any significant change. Will not dry or crack. Monu-Melt is available in Soft, Medium and Hard consistencies: 2, 4 & 6 respectively on a scale of 1 to 10. Monu-Melt should be melted in a range from 180F-200F (82C- 93C). Keeping the clay above 200F (93C) will result in bubbling of the liquid clay. This bubbling is mostly aesthetic and will not affect the characteristics of the cool clay.
Color: Dark Forest Green
Dimensions: (2 Lb block) 2-3/4 in x 2-3/4 in x 5 in
Use with tin-cure silicones. Some platinum-cure silicones may result in cure inhibition of the silicone. A small scale test may be required to determine suitability. Alternatively, you may seal the Monu-melt Clay with an acrylic spray sealer.
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