Century Brass Interior Lacquer RFU

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Size: Quart
Application: Interior
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Century Brass lacquer is an interior, clear, air-dry, spray, dip application lacquer which is pre-thinned and ready for use. Excellent adhesion to brass, bronze, copper and other metals. Coated surfaces can be engraved. Orange peel is virtually non-existent as a result of its excellent flowing capabilities. Applications include brass furniture, brass musical instruments, jewelry, interior architectural brass and bronze, interior lighting, cabinet and door hardware. Parts must be degreased using acetone or #70 Thinner. Will yellow outdoors. Do not apply to wood or stone porous surfaces as micro-cracks may occur.

Nikolas Flat Ayd Flattening Agent can be added to Nikolas lacquers to achieve your desired sheen. Nikolas lacquers are supplied in gloss finishes. Flat Ayd is a liquid silicate flattener used to alter the gloss of organic and synthetic coatings. Recommended amounts are 4-8 ounces per gallon of lacquer for semi-gloss to 16 ounces per gallon for dead flat.

  • Finish : Gloss
  • Chemical Resistance : will wash off with MEK
  • Impact Resistance : good
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Hardness : 4H
  • UV Resistance : good
  • Weight per gallon : 7.6 Lbs
  • Shelf Life : 12 months
  • Coverage : 206.99 sq.ft. @ 1 mil
  • Recommended film thickness : 2-3 mils (wet), .5-1.0 mils (dry)
  • Dry to Touch : 5 minutes
  • Handle Time : 30 minutes
  • Pack Time : 24 hours if not force dried
  • Force Dry : Flash off 10 mins, bake 10-15 mins @ 120F-140F deg (49C-60C deg)
  • Spray in temperature range of 60F-90F deg (15.5C - 32C deg)
  • Storage : room temp 68F-72F deg (20C-22C deg)
  • Degreaser : acetone or #70 Thinner
  • Spray Air Pressure : 40-50psi
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