Brazilian DURA Soapstone Block

SKU: 802150

Size: 4"x4"x6"


Unit Size Net Weight
4"x4"x6" 10 lb
6"x6"x6" 22 lb
8"x8"x8" 51 lb
8"x8"x14" 90 lb
10"x10"x16" 160 lb
12"x12"x18" 260 lb



Brazilian DURA is a dense, slightly harder soapstone yet easy to carve. Holds detail carvings very well. Suitable for carving with Steel Chisels and Riffler Rasps to create both intricate and large sculptures of a monumental scale. Can be carved via Foredom Power Tools and Trow & Holden Pneumatic Hammers. Features a color pallete of black and dark-green marbelized markings. Non-polished and/or sealed surfaces present light grey-green color tones.
Sold in block form.

Brazilian DURA Soapstones are available in pre-cut block shapes only. Stones will not be cut to specific shapes and/or sizes.
To order these stones please contact our staff to assist you.
Carving stones are products of nature. Any irregularities found within these stones are beyond our control. Although these stones are carefully selected, we reserve the right to decline any responsibility for such imperfections. Any exchanges will be made strictly upon the discretion of Sculpture Supply Canada.

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