Aqua-Resin Trial Kit

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Aqua-Resin Trial Kit is ideal for small projects. Contains 8oz Liquid "Lxf", 24oz Powder "S3", and Aqua-Veil samples of 10mil and 30mil laminating veil.

Keep from repeated freezing. Freeze/Thaw Rating: 5 cycles. Storage: Store at room temperature.

AQUA-RESIN's unique system offers easy to use, water based - water borne, non-toxic, opaque, molding, laminating, and casting materials without the usual health risks or fumes generally associated with conventional or formaldehyde based resin systems. All Aqua-Resin products are designed to be easily mixed, applied, molded, adhered to, cut, tooled, sanded and feathered, finished and painted; all this while providing optimal strength for their intended uses.

Applications include: prototypes and rapid prototyping, architectural elements, mannequins and figures, scenic design and film sets, repairs and restorations, sculpture, foam coating, tooling and back up tooling, and other 3-dimensional applications.

  • Non-Toxic, no irritating fumes, water-based, water-borne
  • Easy clean-up
  • Long shelf life
  • Sprayable
  • Light weight, thin walled laminations
  • Accurate detail with no distortion or shrinkage
  • Class "A" fire rating Laminating Resin
  • Fast hand lay-up and thickness building
  • Cuts, shapes and sands easily
  • Compatible with most paints and other cured polymers and foams

Yield: (based on a ratio of__1 part Liquid "Lxf" : 3 parts Powder "S3")One Gallon = 231 Weight = 17.6 Lbs/Gallon mixedSpecific Volume = 13.125 / Lb. (no fibres added)


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