Aluminum Metal Powder

SKU: 799857

Size: 1.25 lb
Metal: Aluminum


Aluminum Metal Powder -200Mesh is a finely ground metal powder. Aluminum powder can be added into urethane resins, Winterstone, gypsums and Matrix systems to achieve a "real metal" look. Recommended mix ratio when used with Smooth Cast 325 Resins is 1A:1B:1.5 parts aluminum powder. Polished castings are brighter vs. castings made using nickel/silver powder which has more of an antique look.
This video demonstrates the complete process of Metal Cold Casting using Smooth-On Smooth Cast 325 urethane casting resin and fine metal powders.
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799860 - Aluminum Metal Powder - 12 lb
799861 - Aluminum Metal Powder - 50 lb

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