Alja-Safe Acrobat

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Alja-Safe Acrobat is a fiber reinforced "non-sag" version of original Alja-Safe life casting alginate. Acrobat is thicker and holds vertical surfaces allowing the user better control for making molds of the face, torso, etc. Acrobat reproduces perfect detail from all body surfaces and is good for making temporary molds that can be used to make highly detailed reproductions cast in wax, plaster, Matrix NEO (polymer modified gypsum), platinum cure silicone or Smooth-Cast 300Q ultra fast urethane resin.

Easy To Use Ð Mix ratio is 1 part Alja-Safe Acrobat powder sifted into 1 part water (1:1 by volume). Working time is 5 minutes and cure time is 8 minutes, assuming a water temperature of 80 F / 27 C. Like original Alja-Safe Acrobat is skin safe and does not contain crystalline silica (a known carcinogen). For making re-usable molds of any body part, use Body Double silicone rubber.

Technical Properties
Mix Ratio by Weight 3 Parts Water : 1 Part Powder
Mix Ratio by Volume 1 Part Water : 1 Part Powder
Pot Life 5 minutes
Cure Time 8 minutes
Color Off White
Mixed Viscosity Variable
Specific Volume 26 cu. in./lb.


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799210 - Alja-Safe Acrobat - 50 lbs
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