Alginate_Accu-Cast FaceGel 590

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Specifically designed for molding face molds, FaceGel is also ideal for heads and other medium sized Layup Molds where alginate is placed onto a vertical surface. FaceGel (590) has an extra thickener in it that makes it go on more like cake frosting rather than pancake batter. Less waste also equals more economy. Size: 1Lb

  • Mixes thicker than normal alginates
  • Sets in about 5 minutes when using 90F water
  • Doesn't drip like ordinary alginates- stays where you put it
  • Sets gradually from the inside out- ideal for face castings
  • Sets very flexibly and tough
  • Loses water very slowly to evaporation

Approximate Requirements:
  • A face mold takes only 3 to 4 ounces of FaceGel
  • A half torso takes about .75 to 1 pound
  • A head casting takes about 1.5 pounds

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