Alginate_Accu-Cast Babygel 2

SKU: 802992

Size: 1 Lb


Babygel is a color changing alginate which mixes up bright pink and fades to white before it sets. This formula was designed for hand castings of babies and children who have little patience for having their hands in a scary bucket of goo.

  • Color changing formula starts out pink and fades to white.
  • Mixes thin and smooth.
  • Put baby/child's hand into the alginate when it turns white.
  • Sets in 3 minutes with 80 deg F water.
  • Sets in 2:15 minutes with 95 deg F water - recommended for babies.
  • Sets strong yet flexible. Approximate Babygel alginate requirements:
    • Baby Hand Cast - approximately 3 to 4 ounces
    • Child Hand Cast - approximately 6 ounces
    • Adult Hand Cast - approximately 1.25 pounds

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