Accu-Cast Liquistone

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Size: 5 lb
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Accu-Cast LiquiStone is an easy to use gypsum cement that can be cast into Accu-Cast alginate molds for reproducing human body parts for lifecasting. LiquiStone has a convenient mix ratio of 2 parts stone to 1 part water by volume and will have a working time of about 15 minutes. Castings can be demolded in about 3 hours. LiquiStone can be cast solid, or can be laid up by hand (thicker consistency required). Fully cured castings can be machined, sanded, primed and painted. Size: 5Lb

Approximate Yield Amounts:
  • Adult Hand (2 Lbs)
  • Face Casting (1.5 Lbs)
  • Baby Hand or Foot Cast (8 oz)
  • Half Torso (5 Lbs)
  • Full Torso (10 Lbs)
  • Full Head Casting (25 Lbs)
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