ACCU-CAST Hand Cast Family Kit

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This kit yields up to 4 adult hands or some similar arrangement of adult and children's hands. The Hand Cast Family Kit comes with a Adult Hand Casting DVD, which shows the 4 quart technique from start to finish. It also includes a set of illustrated printed instructions. The final casting is hard, white and very durable. It can be painted any color you like. At a minimum, we recommend sealing the surface with a clear acrylic finish to keep it clean. Skin oils are easily transferred to an unfinished sculpture and will produce dark areas that are impossible to clean.

NOTE: The kit includes two Mix-In-The-Bag alginates so we recommend having two people mix the alginate at the same time. The molding bucket is reusable and can easily last for many molds. ACCU-CAST Hand Cast Family Kit contains:
  • Alginate Mix-In-The-Bag: 2 x 1.5 pounds HandGel (570) Alginate
  • LiquiStone Mix-In-The-Bag: 2 x 3.5 pounds
  • Molding Bucket: 8 Quart size
  • Small bag of clay for filling under long fingernails
  • Small bag of LiquiStone for fixing small problems with casting
  • Printed Instructions

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