ACCU-CAST Full Head Casting Kit

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The full head casting kit contains all the materials you'll need to produce a head cast including the neck and the tops of the shoulders. This kit does NOT contain a bald cap or mixing tools and mixing bucket. Procedure involves a two piece mold process. The back half of the head is covered only in plaster bandages and the front half includes the high level of detail only obtainable by using alginate. The finished head casting weighs about 30 pounds. It can be mounted in many different ways and can be painted any color you wish. This is a pro-level skill that, once mastered, is in high demand in the Special Effects Makeup industry as the first step in creating those amazing aliens, zombies and monsters. The full head casting is an advanced skill that is in high demand in Hollywood and anywhere special effects makeup is done.

Accu-Cast Full Head Kit contains:
  • One bag Accu-Cast FaceGel (590) Alginate 1 pound
  • One bag LiquiStone Casting Material 25 pounds
  • Eight rolls of Plaster Bandages 4" x 5yd
  • Protective Smock
  • Small bag of cholesterol for facial hair
  • Small bag of LiquiStone for any fixes necessary
  • Complete illustrated instruction book
Accu-Cast LiquiStone Gypsum Cement for Life Casting Technical Bulletin

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