Accel T Accelerator for Tin Cure Silicones

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Accel-T¨ is a one-component additive that will reduce the cure time of Mold Max¨ condensation cure (tin catalyzed) silicone rubber compounds from over night to a few hours in proportion to the amount added.
Accel-T can be used to accelerate : Mold Max 10, Mold Max 20, Mold Max 25, Mold Max 30, Mold Max 40, Mold Max 60, Mold Max 10T, Mold Max 15T, Mold Max 27T, Mold Max XLS II, Mold Max Stroke, and Rubber Glass II.
Important: Adding Accel-T¨ will reduce the library life of tin-cured silicone rubber in proportion to the amount added.Working time (pot life) is drastically reduced in proportion to the amount of Accel-T¨ added. Viscosity of rubber will also increase. Mix, vacuum and pour quickly.
Usage: Mold Max¨ components must be measured using an accurate gram scale.1. Determine the total amount of rubber required for your application. Calculate the correct amounts of Part A, Part B and Accel T in advance.
2. Weigh out the required amount of Part B.
3. Weigh out and add the required amount of Accel-T¨ to Part B.
4. Mix Part B and Accel-T¨ thoroughly.
5. Weigh out and add the required amount of Part A.
6. Mix thoroughly, eliminating all color streaks from the mixture.
7. Pour mixture into new, clean mixing container and mix again.8. Vacuum material (29 h.i.g. mercury) as directed on the Mold Max¨ technical bulletin.
9. Pour rubber into containment field, let rubber rise over model.
Because no two applications are quite the same, a small test application to determine suitability for your project is recommended if performance of this material is in question.

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