420 H.D.Cut-off Wheels 15/16"dia.x.040" 20/Pack

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  • Use with mandrel 402
  • Makes it easy to cut or slot bolts and screws
  • Use on sheet metal, thin wood and plastic
  • Cuts only along its edge

Turn your Dremel rotary tool into a cutting machine with the 420 Dremel Cut-Off Wheels. Good for slicing, making straight cuts and slots in all kinds of metal, like hardened steel, sheets metal or aluminum. The cut-off wheels feature a 15/16 In. (23.8 mm) wheel diameter and 0.04 In. (1.0 mm) thick blade making it ideal to cut, groove, and trim a variety of metals, thin wood, or plastics; can also be used to make slots in rusted or stripped bolts and screws. For use with the 402 mandrel only. Pack of 20 wheels.
  • Diameter - 15/16"
  • Blade Thickness - 0.04"
  • RPM - 30000

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