TK Series Silicone Paint Trial Kits

SKU: 206003

Type: TK-01 Light


With 4 color bases to chose from, the new mini TK-Series Trial kit is a great way to discover what FuseFX paints are all about! You get one 15 gram bottle of silicone pigment (enough to tint approx 1,400 grams of Platinum silicone) and three 3 gram mini packs of color. One 6 gram portion of mixed color (3 grams of "Color" and 3 grams of Part "A"), can cover over 1 square foot of surface area when used by brush in a stippling fashion (can be airbrushed too!).
TK-01 Mini Trial Kit Light contains:
  • 15 grams of S-Series skin base S-301
  • 3 grams of M-102 Tan
  • 3 grams of M-105 Blush
  • 3 grams of M-108 Blue
  • 9 grams of Part "A"

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