Permalac Lacquer EF

SKU: 249575

Size: 12 oz spray
Finish: Satin


Permalac EF environmentally friendly has lower VOC and no solvent odor. Permalac lacquer satin finish is formulated to protect metal and other surfaces from weather and outdoor related abuse. This clearcoat protects from heat, cold, wind-borne sand, and salt spray. Permalac has UV and corrosive inhibitors that will not breakdown for years. Once cured, Permalac almost disappears. It does not alter the appearance, texture, or patina of the finish in any way.
Coverage: approx 23.4 sq.ft./12oz can
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249013 - Permalac Lacquer EF - 5 gallon
249590 - Permalac Lacquer EF - 5 gallon
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