AQG Chop Fiber Glass

SKU: 251132

Size: 1 Lb
Length: 3.5-1"


A combination blend of 3.5" and 1" AQG chop fiber glass. This fiber blend is ideal for reinforcing lay-up of geometrical designs . Length: 3.5-1 in.

Aqua-Glassª chopped strand is a unique fiberglass reinforcement material. Its proprietary surface sizing allows easy dispersion in all Aqua-Resin mixes, as well as promoting a significantly stronger bond between the cured Aqua-Resin, and the glass fiber itself. When properly applied and cured, laminations with Aqua-Glass fiberglass exhibit substantially stronger break strength than can be achieved with conventional fiberglass, and therefore permit a reduction in laminate wall thickness Ñ affording a saving in both weight and material cost, as well as a savings in labor.
Gel Coats/Surface Coats: The first coat into a mold often needs reinforcement, especially in the case of silicone rubber molds. Into a normal Aqua-Resin mix, add a small amount (approx. 0.5%) of the Aqua-Glass (1/2") glass fiber. Stir until the mix appears to "gel". Then brush apply with a scrubbing and dabbing motion. This gel coat/surface coat layer usually need be no more than 15-30 mils thick (1/64-1/32"). AQG glass fiber will not show ("print through") on the surface of your laminate, as will ordinary chopped fiberglass.
Laminating Coats: For optimum strength in the laminating (reinforcing) layers of a composite part, Aqua-Glass 3.5-1" or 4.5" is recommended, although Aqua-G1ass 1" may be preferable for smaller parts. This length strand can be used in much the same way as conventional chopped strand mat. As with any Aqua-Resin¨ hand lay-up, first a heavily applied mix is laid down. Then the Aqua-Glass is applied, and immediately tamped down with a brush so that the underlying mix is brought up through the fibers, assuring a thorough wet-out. The use of a hard finned fiberglass roller of appropriate contour is highly recommended as an adjunct to the tamping procedure.
When applying Aqua-Glass fibers, successive layers may either be randomly sprinkled in place, or for extra structural enhancement, may be oriented at a 45 or 90-degree angle to the previous layer. Unlike chopped strand mat, Aqua-Glass fibers can be aligned with the geometry of the part to produce the strongest configuration of reinforcement.
Foam Coating: Either Aqua-Glass 1/2" or 1" fibers can be incorporated into an Aqua-Resin mix for foam coating. A 0.5% addition is typical. Mix until the "gel-point". Then brush apply with both a dabbing and pushing motion. A second, un-fibered, mix may then be applied, to allow extra material for removal by sanding operations.
Casting Solid: When casting solid, a small amount (no more than 0.5% of the total mixÑabout a pinch per cup) Aqua-Glass 1/2" or 1" will add considerable strength to the final casting. See Aqua-Resin technical bulletin for more information.


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