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FabTone Latex Colorants are concentrated, latex color pigments that offer excellent dispersion and consistent color. A very small amount will color a proportionally large amount of liquid latex material. The more you add in proportion to the volume of liquid latex, the more dramatic the color effect. Recommended loading range is .3% to 10% of total system weight.

Do not overload the liquid latex system or leaching may occur.
Store and use at or near 73F / 23C. Wear vinyl gloves to prevent skin contact.

FabTone Latex Colorants are concentrated, so a little goes a long way when coloring liquid latex products. Recommended loading range is .3% to 10% of total latex system weight. User determines amount to add. If this is your first time adding color to liquid latex, you may want to test the color effect by adding a few drops to a small amount of material and observe the outcome. It may take a few test castings to attain the desired color outcome.

Do not overload the liquid latex rubber with FabTone Latex Colorants or leaching of the color may occur.

Pre-mix FabTone Latex Colorants in a container thoroughly before dispensing as settling may have occurred. Add FabTone Latex Colorants to liquid latex rubber and mix well before use.

Custom colors are possible by blending different FabTone Latex Colorants. Attaining just the right color for your application may require trial and error testing. Small scale testing is recommended before using substantial amounts of material for any project.


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