Critter Clay

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Critter Clay is the #1 choice of taxidermists & professionals worldwide because of its great detail, fine texture and low shrinkage rate. Critter Clay dries to a hard finish. It is a lightweight, extra strong, ready to use, moist, water-based modeling clay. Safe, non-shrinking, non-cracking and non-hazardous. Accepts all paints. Critter Clay is used in wildlife art studios, museums, schools, and motion picture studios.

FEATURES: Self-hardening / Air Drying,Multi-Purpose Synthetic Clay,1 part product (no mixing is required),Water-based Modeling Clay,Feeling of Plasticity,Dries to a hard finish,Lightweight when cured,Extra Strong!,0-1% shrinkage rate,Great detail with fine texture,Safe, Non-hazardous,Gluten Free,Little or No Cracking,Freeze-thaw Stable,Easy to Use, Paint & Finish,Simple water cleanup,
APPLICATIONS: Taxidermy, Classroom & Youth Camps, Sculpting, Industry. For Mannikin Building, Glass Eye Setting, Animal ear setting (taxidermy), childrens hand prints, coil, pinch & slab pots/vases, Ceramic Prototyping, Unlimited Project Uses!
DIRECTIONS: Ready to use out of the bag. Once exposed to air, Critter Clay begins to harden.Critter Clay sticks best to a clean, textured, or roughed up surface.Use water to wet fingers or tools, to feather, shape and add final details.Air drying and curing time varies with size of project and working conditions. (*Drying and curing time is typically 2-6 days, depending on thickness, size and working conditions.)Keep Critter Clay sealed in a plastic bag until you want it to dry and harden.For extra shelf life, this product may be refrigerated or frozen. It is freeze-thaw stable.Critter Clay accepts all paints.Safe for children to use under adult supervision.
WORKING TIPS: If clay becomes somewhat dry due to an open bag, you may restore it with a couple squirts of pure water, then let it sit, sealed in the bag overnight. The less water you use, the better results you will have.

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