Contemporary Patination 2nd Edition

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Ron Young shares step by step instructions for creating, applying, and protecting over 50 classic patina formulas for bronze, brass and copper metals. Full color plates are provided for each patina formula to assist in the visualization of each finish. Also detailed is proper metal preparation, recommended equipment, application tips and methods, and sealing considerations for both indoor and outdoor environments. Hardcover 226pgs.

INCLUDES:¥ Hot and Cold Applications¥ Wrap¥ Buried¥ Fumed¥ Vat¥ Multi-layered¥ Leafing¥ Application of Pigments¥ Troubleshooting Guides¥ Care/Maintenance of Fountains¥ Care/Maintenance of Sculptures¥ Safety Measures and EquipmentSince the Bronze Age, craftsmen and artisans have been developing techniques to make their metal art and architecture come alive with vivid color. Closely guarded and little understood secrets were passed down through the millenia, held closely and locally by tradesmen. Ron Young has spent a lifetime collecting and studying these techniques and mastering the chemistry behind them to make them available to the modern age. This book gives you, todayÕs artist and technician, access to the ancient magic of patinas and metal coatings. Inside, you will find many proven processes that will make your metal surfaces come to life with color. The techniques are made accessible to all skill levels through clear and detailed instructions that will allow you to achieve the look and finish you desire. Ron Young is one of the worldÕs foremost authorities on patinas, and has been studying, teaching and lecturing sculpture, metal finishing, and patination all over the world for more than 50 years. He has served on the faculty of many prestigious universities. His patinas can be seen on public buildings and sculptures in the USA and other countries.

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