Jax Green Patina

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Produces a permanent, authentic green finish on copper, brass and bronze. Color: GREEN

  • Metal surface must be cleaned of all lacquer, oil, wax, and grease.
  • Gloves should be worn to prevent surface contamination.
  • JAX Green Patina should be tested on metal surface to determine surface suitability and reaction.
  • JAX Green Patina must be applied as a cold patina, do not coat heated or hot metal surfaces.
  • Apply patina to surface with a bristle brush and allow to thoroughly air-dry prior to applying additional coats. The JAX Green Patina will require time to show its reaction on metal surface. Apply patina in even layers, do not dilute solution.
  • Optionally, JAX Black and/or Brown darkener patinas may be initially applied to metal surface if a deeper and darker multi-layered patina effect is required.
  • Upon achieving desired coloration of JAX Green Patina, oil, wax, or lacquer sealer may be applied to metal surface. Green Patina may also be left untreated if desired.
  • Although JAX products do not expire, they must be stored at room temperature in tightly sealed original containers.

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