EVA Foam Sheets

SKU: 803316

Density: 3 Lb
Size: 1/8" - 36" x 48"


EVA Foam is a very firm closed cell material but with a softer, more rubbery feel than our EVA Poly Foam. When pressing your fingers into it, EVA Foam compresses downward but expands right back to its original thickness.
Applications include:
Cosplay Armour, LARP weapons, kneepads, padding in helmets and masks, shin guards. EVA foam is UV resistant and therefore can be used in outdoor applications. Sandable. EVA Foams may be bonded using RENIA Multi-Purpose Adhesive.
EVA Foams can be painted using FLEXI PAINT Coating, a non-toxic, latex-free, durable and flexible coating which resists cracking and is perfect for cosplay applications including LARP weapons.

FLEXI PAINT Coating does not require a primer and will adhere to most fabrics, leather and latex surfaces. Bonds very well to EVA Foam acting as a primer, middle and top coat. Available in clear, white and black colours. Add acrylic paints to achieve custom colours as required. Acrylic paints may be mixed internally with Flexi Paint as well as applied topically. FLEXI PAINT Coating can be applied by brush or airbrush.RELATED PRODUCTS:RENIA EVA Foam Multi-Purpose AdhesiveFLEXI PAINT CoatingLITERAY FOAMFLEXI FILLERCOSCLAY SCULPTING CLAY

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