Createx Opaque Colors

SKU: 801215

Size: 4 oz
Color: Black


Product may freeze if exposed to colder temperatures during shipping. Customer must accept the risk or request to ship during warmer weather.

Createx Opaque Colors are the most widely used and trusted professional airbrush paint in the world. Opaque Colors can be used on fabric, wood, leather, canvas, plastics, aluminum, metals, ceramic, clay, poster board, brick, plaster, latex, glass and more. Operate at 40 to 50psi with 0.5mm tip. For smaller tip sizes reduce with 5601 Transparent Base. For washfast results, cure with heat. For use on hard surfaces, plastic and vinyl, mix with 4030 Mix Additive 10% to 30% parts by volume.
APPLICATION TIP:Use Createx Illustration 5092 Flexible Adhesion Promoter on latex prosthetics.

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