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The SOFFT Tools Combination Set contains a comprehensive selection of 44 SOFFT Tools including Art Sponges, Mini Applicators, SOFFT Knives and Covers. SOFFT tools have been specifically designed for use with PanPastel Colour Sets. See PanPastel Colour Sets for complete selection of color set range. See technical bulletin for application tips and techniques on PanPastel Colors and SOFFT Tools. Note: Excessive stretching may tear the sponge.

  • Instant - no drying or preparation time required
  • Mixable - mix colors for an infinite number of custom colors & effects
  • Low Dust - "no mess" alternative to powders and pastel sticks
  • Ultra-fine - highly pigmented color formulations Ð it's like using pure pigment
  • Realistic effects - doesn't have a "painted on" appearance once applied
  • Compatible - with spray fixatives and other flat finishes
  • Compared to airbrushing PanPastel is quicker, simpler and much more forgiving, as PanPastel color can be removed or changed until the desired results are achieved (prior to fixing with a flat finish)

COLORS All PanPastel color formulations are loaded with the highest quality pigments. The colors can be mixed for an infinite number of custom colors. Kits are available for weathering & scenery. PanPastel pans contains 9ml (0.30 fl oz), 40% more than the average pastel stick and yielding approximately 4 to 5 times more coverage.
PanPastel Colors are a quick and easy way to add color and weathering effects to your models to achieve the following:
  • general wear & tear
  • scorch marks
  • battle damage
  • exhaust marks
  • oil streaks
  • shading
  • dust
  • soot

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