RancoSil A 50x100 mesh 55Lb Bag

SKU: 241500



RANCO-SIL fused silica is an electrically fused, high purity silica. Fused silica has a low thermal conductivity and excellent thermal shock resistance. These properties, along with its low density, make it an excellent refractory for use in a ceramic shell mold. RANCO-SIL fused silica is available in flour and granular forms.
RANCO-SIL fused silica can be used throughout the ceramic shell. Shells constructed with fused silica hold their dimensions better and are not prone to hot deformation or bulging. Shell knockout is also easier with fused silica refractories.
Primcoat Binder is mixed with either Ranco-Sil #2 or Ranco-Sil #4 and used in conjunction with Ranco-Sil "A" or Ranco-Sil"B" to build ceramic shells for Lost Wax Casting.
Net Weight: 55 Lbs (24.95kg)

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