P-Chrome 50 Artist Starter Kit

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P-Chrome Starter Kits are ideal for interior and exterior designers, hobbyists, artists, crafts, Model Cars, trucks, trains, plains, RC Cars, trucks, planes, boats, drones, gamers and more. Express your creativity on almost any surface such as wood, metal, plastic, concrete, or anything else that can be painted. Reproduce a chrome look on nearly any substrate and without the need for a compressor. P-Chrome gives 100% of the gleam at about 25% of the cost. Available in silver, blue, gold or purple tones. Coverage: 50 Square feet

Spray P-Chrome 50 Starter Kit includes the following materials:
  • 1) Double bottle sprayer for simultaneous application of P-Chrome S and P-Chrome R solutions.
  • 2) Three single bottle sprayers. These bottles are used for applying the P-Chrome D, W, and rinse water. Each bottle is pre marked with the chemical it should hold.
  • 3) Measuring Cups and pipettes. Use these to measure your chemicals. Do not cross contaminate. Each cup should be used for only one type of chemical.
  • 4) One powered paint spraying kit. Use for applying your basecoat and top coat.
  • 5) 2 oz P-Chrome S, 2 oz P-Chrome R, 2 oz P-Chrome D, 2 oz #87, 4 oz P-Chrome W, 1 pint Permalac 2KA, 1 pint Permalac 2KB, Ê1 oz compensating tint.
  • All the material you need to create 50 square feet of P-Chrome.
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800584 - P-Chrome 50 Artist Starter Kit

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