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SuspendaSlurry 60Lb Pail (800615)
SUSPENDASLURRY material was developed to eliminate costs associated with continuous mixing and to simplify the initial mixing process as the pre-mixed, chemically suspended ceramic shell slurry eliminates the need to weigh and mix binder and refractory components. Slurry viscosity is the only test parameter required to control the slurry. Available in 60Lb (5 Gallon Pail) and 400Lb (30 Gallon Drum) units.

May require heated service subject to weather conditions. Additional shipping charges will apply. In such event customer will be notified.

Suggested reading : Methods for Modern Sculptors handbook.

SuspendaSlurry Material Application Instructions

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An Introduction to Ceramic Shell Investment Casting

Refer to Ransom & Randolph website for further technical information on ceramic shell procedures.