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Friendly Plastic is a non-toxic plastic pellet modeling material which is completely reusable, softens to a moldable plastic at temperatures between 140ûF (60ûC) to 150ûF (66ûC), and can be formed into many shapes by hand. Add to warm water for sculpting or pressing into a mold.ÊFriendly Plastic¨ can be fused to itself by softening Friendly Plastic¨ on a non-stick surface, using any of the heating methods (dry heat or wet heat). By simply touching the softened plastic to another piece of plastic, will create a bond or fusion. No matter if it is hard plastic or another piece of softened plastic, the two pieces, by the nature of the product, will fuse/stick together. Pellets harden as they quickly cool. Reheat to continue modeling or to reuse. Perfect for children's projects and cosplay applications.

When using for impressional applications work quickly to avoid any sticking problems. Rub a small amount of cooking oil onto the surface of the object being stamped to prevent from sticking. May also be pressed into silicone rubber molds for duplication of producton design applications.

Friendly Plastic designs can be colored with spray paint and acrylic paints. Apply Krylon Acrylic Sealers as a protective coat over painted surfaces. Objects may be embedded into the softened Friendly Plastic surface while the material remains pliable.

Heating instructions for Friendly Plastic¨ Pellets:

1. Heat water in electric skillet until temperature reaches 140¡F (60¡C) to 150¡F (66¡C) for about five minutes. Set control to 150¡F (66¡C) or less. Most electric skillets have a low/simmer setting. Test with cooking thermometer. Add one or two drops of cooking oil to water to prevent sticking.

2. Pour Friendly Plastic¨ pellets into the hot water. Let set in water for about 30 seonds at 150¡F (60¡C) to 60 seconds at 140¡F (60¡C) until transparent. Pellets will stick together. Wet hands and remove from water.

3. Shape with your hands or press into a mold. When the desired shape is formed, place into cold water for three to five minutes. Place back in hot water for further shaping.

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