Powercolor Pigment

SKU: 203730

Size: 40 ml
Color: Ultra Blue


Powercolor Powdered Pigments can be added directly to Transparent Powertex to create custom colors at a ratio of 1000 grams (1kg) of Powertex to 40 grams of Powertex pigment. Prior to adding pigment to Powertex, mix the pigment with a small amount of warm water and stir. The color will initially appear to be a lighter, pastel shade, but will darken as it dries. Adding pigments directly to damp Stone Art, achieves a faux stone effect. Simply sprinkle Stone Art on damp Powertex Medium, allow to dry, then rub. The rubbed areas will take on the look of polished stone in contrast to those areas not rubbed. Save any excess Stone Art for later use.

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