Liquid Oxide Colorants

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Size: 8 oz
Color: Yellow
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A multi-purpose liquid colorant which may be applied integrally or topically for sculptural, architectural, special effects and traditional art works. The colorant may be used with various gypsum & cement-based mixes, all of which require mix water or have a water-based liquid component.

For permanent topical application to enhance the color of the Winterstone and/or Gypsum surfaces prepare the following Solutions "A" & "B" then combine accordingly :

Solution A : prepare 1part Colorant to 12parts Water (water ratio may be adjusted as desired to modify color intensity).
Solution B : prepare 1part Water to 1part Acrylic Stone Sealer matte finish.

Combine (1part of Solution A to 1part of Solution B) and apply to Winterstone surface. Allow to dry thoroughly. Surface may be burnished with either a fine Brass or Steel Burnishing Brush after this application dries thoroughly to achieve a metallic look if desired.

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