BR Pigment Pure Series

SKU: 801310

Size: 1 lb
Color: Titanium White


Buddy Rhodes Pure Pigments are a series of ultrafine concrete pigments that are used integrally in concrete mixes in order to produce a wide color range. Pigments may be blended to achieve varying color hues. The pigment is also used in conjunction with the Bone Paste Plus paste for filling voids in your finished concrete piece.

NOTE: BUDDY RHODES Custom Colors listed in the Buddy Rhodes Catalog must be ordered directly from the manufacturer by calling 1(800)762-0744. Signature Series and Pure Pigment Series are available for purchase at Sculpture Supply Canada.
Buddy Rhodes Color Selection Guide
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801992 - BR Pigment Pure Series - 20 lb
802161 - BR Pigment Pure Series - 20 lb
802165 - BR Pigment Pure Series - 20 lb
802224 - BR Pigment Pure Series - 20 lb
802231 - BR Pigment Pure Series - 20 lb
802367 - BR Pigment Pure Series - 20 lb
802225 - BR Pigment Pure Series - 80 lb
802392 - BR Pigment Pure Series - 20 lb

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