Scotch-Brite 3M Hand Pads

SKU: 235025

Type: Ultra-Fine Light Gray
Sale price$2.65


Scotch-Brite 3M Pads outperforms steel wool, wire brushes and other conventional abrasives. Non-woven nylon web construction allow pads to conform to the work surface. Non-rusting and can be used with water or solvents. Resist tearing, shredding, splintering and loading.
  • No. 7445 Light-Duty Cleansing Pad. Color: White
  • No. 7448 Ultra-Fine Hand Pad. Color: Light Gray
  • No. 7447 General Purpose Hand Pad. Color: Maroon
  • No. 7446 Blending Hand Pad. Color: Gray
  • No. 7440 Heavy Duty Hand Pad. Color: Tan/Brown

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