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StainFast is a safe, non-acidic, stain system which when mixed with water based pigments (not included), creates beautiful natural stain finishes once applied over Create Coat. Also works well over Exterior Foam Coat and most concrete surfaces.
StainFast contains no VOCs and is immersible in water. Finishes can create an appearance identical to real stone. The Stainfast to pigment mix ratio depends on the saturation and color desired.
Easily mixed right in the sprayer. We recommend a pigment called Mixol, available at fine art stores, but most of the pigments used to color house-paints will work well.

Add no more than 5% VOC free nontoxic water base pigment to StainFast as desired. Lightly and freely spray the mixture allowing for additional random colors to be applied if desired.
  • 1st COAT: Spray 60 to 70% coverage on 1st application.
  • 2nd COAT: Apply additional color scheme.
  • 3rd COAT: Final touches.

Wait 5 minutes or so for each coat to dry. Do not overapply spray coatings. Antiquing FX may be achieved by adding a small amount of black pigment to surface if desired. Drips can result in a natural look. A cardboard partition may be used to prevent overspray. Use a 3/8" roller to soften and blend the sprayed surface colors. Let color coats dry for 5 minutes then spray over with sealer using a final clear coat.
Clean tools and surfaces using soapy water.


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