Exterior Foam Coat

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Exterior Foam Coat is a new rock hard finish for all of your outdoor (and indoor) foam projects. This stuff is super tough. It is not sandable. Has a rough stone feel when dry.
Exterior Foam Coat can beÊtroweledÊsmooth, or brushed to make a super rough finish. Adheres to polystyrene foams forming a weather resistant surface.
Easy to mix. Just add water.

Coverage: up to 300 square feet.
Use above or below grade. Apply with paintbrush or trowel. Exterior Foam Coat is paintable and fireproof. Many decorative surface textures can be created. Soap and water clean-up. Can be further strengthened by adding Boost fortifier. Will not work with Bounce.


MIXING: ÊSettling may occur in shipping causing a gritty texture that does not stick well. Remix if there is separation in dry mixture. Use when temperatures are betweenÊ40¡F (4¡C) andÊ100¡F (38¡C). Mix in a clean container with clean water. Add about 3 parts powder to 1 part water and mix until Foam Coat turns to a smooth paste. A drier mix is stronger. Do notÊovermix.

APPLYING: ÊIf using extruded foam (ieÊBlueboardÊorÊPinkboard) roughen surface with coarse sandpaper. Fill big cracks and holes by applying pasty mixture with a trowel. You may add more water until mixture is thin enough to apply with a paint brush, although thinning weakens coating. Can be applied with a standard spray hopper. Use thinned mixture to texture large areas. For best strength apply at least 1/4" (6mm) thick. Multiple coats may be applied. Try texturing surface before coating sets.

SET TIME: ÊUse within 30 minutes. Sets up in 1-3 hours. Fogging the surface for 24 hours will increase strength.Ê

FINISHING: ÊRemove dust before painting. This product goes on rough and is notÊsandable. Finish as the surface is setting up.

CLEAN-UP: ÊClean tools and brushes with clean soapy water before coating hardens. WARNING: Avoid prolonged contact with skin. Wear dust, skin and eye protection. Use approved respirator when sanding. In case of eye contact, flush immediately with water, consult a physician. Wash hands with soap and water after use and before eating. Keep out of reach of children.

COVERAGE @ 25lbs: 1/64" thick 288 sq ft1/16" thick 72 sq ft1/4" thick 18 sq ft

COMPRESSIVE STRENGTH: ÊASTMÊC1091 Ê Day Ê 750 psi7 Ê Day Ê 2500 psi28 Day Ê3500 psi

FLEXURAL STRENGTH: ÊASTMÊC3481 Ê Day Ê 350 psi7 Ê Day Ê 550 psi28 Day Ê1250 psi

FIRE DATA Flammability: Noncombustible and not explosive.Auto-ignition Temperature: Not ApplicableFlash Points: Not Applicable

MANFACTURERS WARRANTY:Ê HWFFÊInc./dba Hot Wire Foam Factory warrants this product to be ofÊmerchantable quality when used or applied in accordance with theÊinstructions herein. The product is not warranted as suitable for anyÊpurpose or use other than the general purpose for which it isÊintended. Liability under this warranty is limited to the replacement ofÊits product (as purchased) found to be defective, or at the shippingÊcompanies' option, to refund the purchase price. In the event of aÊclaim under this warranty, notice must be given to The Hot Wire Foam Factory in writing. This limited warranty is issued and accepted inÊlieu of all other express warranties and expressly excludes liability forÊconsequential damages. MSDS available.


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