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Glazes are a water based coloring treatment for use on cured concrete. They achieve the desired appearance with nano sized pigment particles that penetrate deeply into the concrete surface. The carrier reacts with the concrete to lock in the particles. Glazes can be used in a multitude of ways, producing subtle tints or dramatic color variation. Available in a wide color range, these colors can be blended together to produce a wide array of shades. Glazes are UV stable, and do not contain acids, metal salts, or acetone. Kit includes: Black, White, Umber, Leather, Maple, Olive, Bright Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Magenta colors.


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  • Glazes can be applied over polished concrete but it will be far more durable and rich in concrete that is matte or etched.
  • When the glaze is wet it is active. When you rub across a still wet area it will remove the material. The longer the glaze has been dry, the harder it will be to remove. Soon after drying it can be removed with a wet towel, the next day it will require diamond abrasives.
  • Apply thin layers. You will end up with a more durable finish applying multiple thin layers as opposed to one thick layer.
  • The first coat is the hardest. Streaks may be avoided when applying to a dry concrete surface. You can dilute the glaze with distilled water by 50%. If you want to make an even more dilute solution, you can make a base of 25% CH Prep, 25% FS Sealz, and 50% water. With this formula, you can make as dilute glaze as you want. The further the dilution on your first layer, the more forgiving.
  • While this is compatible with many different sealers, and it in fact enhances the performance of many sealers, it should be tested with non BR Sealers.
  • You can combine these colors to make virtually any color you want. This is very useful if you have concrete colors you want to shift the color of or if you simply want to enhance a color.
  • A dilute version of the Black Glaze is a very effective way to enhance virtually any color. In many cases, this will produce the most durable 'wet look' effect you will find.
  • Protect your piece with sealer. These Glazes are fully UV sta and will stand up to a fair bit of abrasion however a sealer will help protect them for the long term.

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