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UVO 9 Color Sampler Pack (800585)
UVOŽ Pigments are designed for use with Urethanes & Epoxies. UVOŽ Color Pigments resist the effects of ultra-violet light and will add color to Smooth-On liquid urethane rubbers, plastics and foams. With 9 colors to choose from, they are phthalate free, concentrated (a little goes a long way) and easy to blend into any liquid urethane system. Unlike SO-Strong Color Tints, which yield translucent castings, these are pigments and will generally yield opaque colored castings. For maximum UV resistance, UVOŽ pigment should be used with a UV resistant material such as Crystal Clear plastics or Clear Flex rubbers. To improve the UV resistance of other urethane materials, you can add Sun Devil UV additive. UVOŽ Color Pigments are available in a convenient and economical 9-Color Sampler Pack. They are also available in 2 oz squeeze bottles, pints and larger container sizes.

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