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FlexBond for Worbla 16oz (800904)
FlexBond Primer & Adhesive is one of the best coatings for thermoplastics. FlexBond is a glue and sealant originally designed for foam. Costumers have used it to seal foam for armor and propwork for years. On Worbla, FlexBond creates a smooth, paintable and flexible surface that is almost impossible to damage. FlexBond dries to a clear, hard, yet pliable coating that does not suffer from the "tackiness" common in many other flexible glues even after those glues have had days to dry. Unlike ordinary "white" glues which can crack and break when flexed, the adhesive bond of Rosco FlexBond remains extremely pliable and strong even as the materials bend and deform. This makes it ideal for coating thermoplastics such as Worbla and Wonderflex. FlexBond is water-based with little fumes. Requires only a few coats and no sanding or safety precautions. Size: 16oz

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