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Maintenance Kit 1/8HP SR, S, SRH (230502)
Maintenance Kit for 1/8HP Series SR Motors, (MSMK-8) : includes inner shaft, pair of motor brushes, grease, and operation manual.

* Price: $30.61
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Foredom TXH440 Industrial Kit 1/3 HP (230607)
Foredom TXH440 Industrial Kit is suitable for sanding and grinding applications on carving stones, wood, metals, plastics and plaster materials. The Foredom TXH440 Industrial Kit 1/3HP offers high torque at the low end and throughout the entire speed range of 500 to 15,000 RPM. The TXH440 uses speed controls with special electronics that provide a new level of controlled performance.

* Price: $449.95
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Foredom #5240 SR Series Kit 1/6 HP (230625)
The Foredom #5240 SR Series 1/6HP Kits are Foredom's most popular flex shaft for general use. It combines such features as power, reversability, reliability and versatility. Operates at speeds up to 18000 RPM. Applications include: sanding, grinding, deburring, etc. on carving stones, wood, metals, plastics and plaster materials.

* Price: $389.00
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Maintenance Kit 5240-SR 1/6HP (230630)
Maintenance Kit for 1/6HP Series SR Motors, (MSMK-10) : includes inner shaft, pair of motor brushes, grease, and operation manual.

* Price: $28.50
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Foredom Inner Shaft TXH, SRH , LXH (230633)
63-3/4" long, Square Drive inner shaft comes equipped on Series SRH, TXH and LXH motors. Offered here for replacement. Use with S-10801TX heavy duty outer sheath sold separately. Square drive shafts can only be used with Foredom's square drive handpieces. Replacement shafts require a VERY light coating of Foredom grease before use. Be sure to UNPLUG your motor before doing any maintenance and NEVER operate your Foredom with the outer sheath removed.

* Price: $27.95
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Foredom Drill Press P-DP30 (230639)
The P-DP30 Foredom Drill Press is a rugged and precise stand which converts your Foredom flexible shaft power tool into a drill press by securely holding a handpiece in a vertical position for drilling straight, accurate holes to specified depths. The sturdy, all metal stand is fully adjustable, has a 2" throat capacity, and a stroke length up to 1-1/4". The work table moves up and down on the post or can swing away for drilling large pieces. Foredom's drill presses are designed for use with Handpiece H.30, H.30H, H.44, H.44T and H.44HT. They can be matched with any Foredom motor including the M.TXH 1/3HP permanent magnet motor with longer, square drive shaft and heavy duty protective sheath, but are especially suited to the Series LX motor for high torque/slow speed applications like stone setting and wax modeling. They also work great with Series SR reversible motor which permits drilling into the workpiece (such as a pearl or bead) in the forward rotation and then out when switched into reverse rotation without increasing the size of the drilled hole. Foredom drill presses are also ideal for modeling, spot-facing, countersinking and reaming in wood, wax, plastic, metal, glass and gemstone. The H.43T handpiece cannot be used in the drill press, it is too short.

* Price: $223.11
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Heat Gun Kit (253002)
This heat gun is ideal for softening modeling waxes, softening of oil-based clays, thawing or drying, heat shrinking plastics, forming and welding plastics, removal of paint, varnish, lacquer, labels, caulking and putty, as well as loosening joints and screws. Comes with sturdy carrying case.

* Price: $30.49
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Jig Saw Variable Speed Orbital w/Laser (253003)
The Variable Speed Orbital Jig Saw features a Tru-Cut Laser Guide System which indicates the cut line. Comes with 4 settings including straight cut and 3 orbital. Adjustable base allows for bevel cutting from 0 - 45 to the right and left. Speed dial for setting the desired speed. Lock-on button for continuous operation. Accepts all standard blade shanks. Non-marring protective base insert. Comes with jig saw blades, edge guide, dust chute, hex. keys and sturdy carrying case.

* Price: $59.95
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Rotary Tool 135 pc kit Variable Speed (253005)
The 135 pc. Variable Speed Rotary Tool Kit is ideal for all your sanding, grinding, sharpening, polishing and cutting needs. Features a non-slip rubber grip housing, and a variable speed thumb dial (15000 - 35000 RPM).

* Price: $55.99
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3/8" Electric Drill Performance Plus (253021)
The Performance PlusDrill 3/8" keyless chuck electric drill model 8302N features a forward/reverse switch, variable speed control trigger, lock-on button for continuous operation, full power in both forward and reverse, non-slip soft grip, power on indicator light, and double insulation. Perfect for mold making and mixing applications.

* Price: $44.95
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