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PMC121-30 DRY Drum Kit 880Lb (700170)
The PMC-121 Series urethane rubbers feature convenient one-to-one by volume mix ratios. PMC-121/30 Dry and PMC- 121/30 Wet are exceptionally strong and abrasion resistant for soft urethane mold rubbers. Pick the one best suited for your application. The dry version does not exude oil and can be used for casting waxes, Smooth-On liquid plastics, gypsum plasters and other materials. The wet version exudes oil that aids in demolding hard plasters and concrete. PMC-121/50 is a "wet-only" mold rubber that is long lasting and durable when used in a variety of applications including reproduction of ornamental plaster, precast concrete and ceramic case molds.

Note: "wet" rubber has a higher net shrinkage value vs. "dry " rubber. PMC 121 Series mold rubbers are easy to mix and pour and are exceptionally strong. They are suited for a variety of applications including making molds to reproduce sculpture and architectural elements, as well as for making special effects, toys and prototypes. These rubbers will meet the stringent demands of production casting of wax, plasters, concrete, resins and epoxies. Vibrant colors can be achieved by adding So-Strong Color Tints, available from