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SnoWonder Instant Snow (203924)
SnoWonder is the most amazing man-made snow on the market! It is visually identical to real snow. If you pour a bowl of SnoWonder on real snow, you cannot tell the difference, yet it can be used indoors for months without melting! This is the replacement for styrofoam and cotton snow that home and professional decorators and designers have waited decades for. A very small amount of powder makes a huge amount of perfect Sno! SnoWonder expands 50 to 100 times its original volume in approximately 30 seconds with the addition of water. SnoWonder is great for parties, displays, holidays, hobbies, and all kinds of fun! It is easy to use, safe, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly. Yield: 80 oz.

SnoWonder should be misted and "fluffed up" every few days. Add just enough water to restore to its original look. "Wetter" snow will need less misting. SnoWonder will retain its appearance for many months depending on conditions and use. Can be stored in any container and restored with water as needed.

Warning: SnoWonder is not a food, do not eat. Not intended for children under 5 years. Children should use under adult suervision. Slippery when wet. Do not place directly on untreated wood.